This is impressive. I wasn’t that supple when I was 8 or 6!!!


A recent survey may say your 30s are happier than your 20s, but who would have guessed that your 80s could be fitter than your teens? Johanna Quaas is showing Germany that teenage athletes 70 years younger have nothing on her handstand.

The 86-year-old gymnast is featured in multiple videos strutting her stuff on the “Turnier Der Meister” exhibition floor, curling out of handstands and skipping into cartwheels like a 13-year-old girl on the playground. She shows no signs of hesitation on the parallel bars, on which she manages a five-second plank before casually dismounting and high-fiving her spotter to an eruption of cheers and gasps.

Top-tier gymnasts, watch out. Quaas could be coming for you at this summer’s Olympics, and it’s safe to say there won’t be any questions as to whether she meets the age requirement.

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