Serious News, Guys. The Problem’s Worse Than We Thought!

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


When I started this blog, I called it FASAB or the “Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy” and I thought it would be a bit of fun to highlight the morons in jobs who may our lives harder than they should be. Particularly annoying in tough economic times like these.

But it seems the job is bigger than I thought. America, and Britain, and Europe and probably the world in general has suffered a dramatic dumbing down over the past decade and more. Is this deliberate? Do politicians and the people who run them not want the ordinary people to be able to think and articulate their views? I don’t know. But its happening. Everywhere!

Here’s a video done a few years ago of a guy from “down under” interviewing a bunch of random Americans on the road to see how much they know about there country. I reckon he could have done the same with more or less the same result in many other countries too.

Where there’s a video, I usually end by saying “enjoy”, but in this case, whilst I hope you still enjoy it, I think I’ll say “cringe” – I did!


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