Computer Company Help Lines

“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy”


I’ve been working with computers more or less since they became an affordable thing to have. I like them, I enjoy working with them, and they are an extremely powerful tool for business and/or entertainment, not to mention social networking and blogs and stuff (greatly assisted by the internet, of course. Whatever did we do before that???)

Although I’m no technical genius, I can usually sort out whatever problems I come across (there used to be a lot more to sort out in Windows 95 & 98 days than there are now, although even windows 7 has its moments!). But on a couple of occasions over the years I have also had to resort to phoning a computer helpline for what I hoped would be help, but which was usually no help at all – just frustration.

I don’t know whether any of you have had similar misfortune, but if you have you will no doubt have found that it isn’t the greatest esperience in the world. One thing, however, you are always sure somewhere along the line, after you’ve pressed button ‘1’ for this, button ‘3’ for that, button ‘6’ for the other, etc., to make acquaintance with an idiot who couldn’t really give a damn about his job and could care even less about you, the customer, who pays his wages.

This isn’t me on the phone looking for help I hasten to add, but it’s a good and amusing illustration of what we’re up against.


***WARNING: May contain strong language. If you are likely to take offence at this please don’t listen to the recording. ***


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